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2014 Trisports Sponsorship



I am proud to announce that TRISPORTS.COM has offered Xteme Multisports a sponsorship opportunity for 2014.  We have gratefully accepted this opportunity and look forward to making 2014 an epic season with the support of had been an integral part of training and racing gear for many years so it just seemed to fit our Xtreme Multisports team perfectly.


Take the time out today to become a member of Xtreme Multisports and you will have access to membership discounts along with our other amazing sponsors.


Please take the time out of your day to also check out:



Join Us

Thank you for all your support in 2012! We made some great strides in 2012 and we look forward to building on our momentum to have an epic club and team building 2013!

We know for most of you, it is cold outside but there are still opportunities to stay fit, stay strong and make it happen in 2013.

Come and join our club and team in 2013 and be involved in something great for less than $10 per year!

We will also provide all the tools needed to put together your own regional Xtreme Multisports Team/Club if you are interested.

We have our annual Epic Lake Placid Training Camp registration link up and running at GCM Endurance Epic Lake Placid Training Camp

Till next time, pass the weak and hurdle the strong!

Solo or Group Training

Solo or Group Training Sessions
Being the owner of Xtreme Multisports and GCM Endurance of course I say group training.

That’s not true! There is a time to go solo and there is a time for group training.

There is nothing the beats the long distance solo ride to help you sharpen you’re mental focus, feel the pain, and loose yourself at the right intensity at the right time. Then again, group rides are great to see how your competition is doing, push past barriers, and have a person to talk to.

At the right time and right place solo and group sessions are ideal.

Have fun, enjoy your training and reach out to us at if you are interested in joining us as a team, club member or just for some friendly group rides.

Pass the week/hurdle the strong!


Make It Happen

Make It Happen!

As race season ends we start to make the gains and build the foundation for an epic 2013.

At Xtreme Multisports we are also planning an Epic Year. We have athletes racing all over the world, team tents being set up and training camps in action.



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